About Us


Become the world’s leading platform for three different levels of safe and reliable secure premium ground transport and value added services for affluent’ s, business executives and agents of business travel.


Simplify the booking, confirmation and payment processes in real time for affluent’s, business executives and agents of business travel.

What we do and why?

UBESECURE offers a unique global booking, confirmation and payment platform for premium ground transport and value added services in real time. UBESECURE all-inclusive services is just like the hotel or airline industry, three levels of premium service with strict global quality management procedures (QMPs).


One of the biggest issues everyone face, regardless if you are an agent of business travel, F500 company, affluent or business executive is organizing good quality ground transport in a simple way. It is estimated that the hidden processing cost (vendor ID, vendor selection, vendor ordering, pricing transparency, currency exchange and cash transactions, receipts and accounting) in ground transport can be three to ten times as much as the actual cost of transport. The airline and hotel industry have solved this issue with a simple, but unique global booking platform and quality management procedures (QMPs). E.g. Airlines have Economy, Business and First Class while Hotels have Standard, Superior and Suites. This global booking platform and strict quality management procedures (QMPs) saves time consuming processes and hidden cost for business travel.

Time Consuming Cost Benefits
Value Added

Corporate / Core values


Convenience to all our partners and customers.


Honest communication.


Complete transparency.


Offer alternatives to our partners and clients in all our services.


Continuously stride to deliver the best in what we do.


Offer good and relaxing atmospheres for customers.


Ensure services are globally approved and certified.


Be bound to our partners and customers.


Be an umbrella for our partners and customers globally.


Gauranteed premium service from door to door.


Protect the Eco System.